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311 Service Requests

by Office of Unified Communications (OUC)

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Taking place at: Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, DC


311 Service Requests. The dataset contains locations and attributes of service requests received by the Office of Customer Service Operations of the Office of Unified Communications (OUC) through the Mayor's Call Center (311), citizens web intake, electronic and US mail service or via other methods of communication.

The Customer Service Operations recently upgraded the system of capturing and tracking service requests. As a result there are major changes in classification of service requests, duration days to complete, capturing and tracking performed activities. The dataset shows inspection flag, inspection date,and resolution only for the most recent activity. Please note that the changes affected service requests statuses. The deviation in statistics of open and closed service requests made in old and new systems is expected.

All historic data from 1999 year up to 08/21/09 was migrated to the new system. The old service request numbers are converted into strings '09-########', where 8-digit part after a dash is an old service request number with padded zeroes at the beginning. Example: service request number '23456' is converted into '09-00023456'.

The source database for service requests dataset is automatically accessed every hour Monday to Sunday.


This dataset has been created by Citywide Data Warehouse program. The mission of the Citywide Data Warehouse is to provide timely and accurate information for decision-making; support executive and agency management in the implementation of business processes which will guarantee access to useful and well-organized information for DC Government workers, non-governmental organizations, and the public.

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Mayor's Call Center
Office of Unified Communications (OUC) Office of Customer Service Operations
DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Citywide Data Warehouse

Data accuracy

Accuracy: Service requests and service delivery do not correspond in a one-to-one fashion; a request for filling a pothole will prompt the filling of multiple potholes (often recorded in the hundreds) and this is only recorded in freetext notes. This makes straightforward quantitative analysis difficult.

Horizontal positional accuracy: Uses DC GIS Master Address Repository (MAR) to assign coordinates, coordinates for features in public space (trees, light poles, etc.) will be assigned to the recorded address, not actual x,y coordinates.

Vertical positional accuracy: N/A

Lineage / Sources



Distribution liability: Neither the District of Columbia Government nor the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) makes any claims as to the completeness, accuracy or content of any data contained in this application; makes any representation of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranty of the accuracy or fitness for a particular use; nor are any such warranties to be implied or inferred with respect to the information or data furnished herein. The data is subject to change as modifications and updates are complete. It is understood that the information contained in the dataset is being used at one's own risk.

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Citywide Data Warehouse Program

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SERVICE_REQUESTS / Office of Unified Communications
Service Request


  • SERVICEREQUESTID / Office of Unified Communications
    Unique identifier assigned to the service request
  • SERVICEPRIORITY / Office of Unified Communications
  • SERVICECODE / Office of Unified Communications
    Service request type code
  • SERVICECODEDESCRIPTION / Office of Unified Communications
    Service request type code description
  • SERVICETYPECODE / Office of Unified Communications
    Type of service request
  • SERVICETYPECODEDESCRIPTION / Office of Unified Communications
    Description of service request type
    • ANC / Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
    • CSO / Customer Service Operations
    • DOH / Department Of Health
    • DDOT / Department Of Transportation
    • DMV / Department Of Motor Vehicles
    • DPW / Department Of Public Works
    • EMA / Emergency Management Agency
    • EOM / Executive Office Of The Mayor
    • FM / Facilities Maintenance
    • HIV / Human Immunodeficiency Virus Administration
    • IPMA / Infrastructure Project Management Adminstration
    • MPD / Metropolitan Police Dept.
    • OCA / Office of the City Administrator
    • OCO / Office of Community Outreach
    • OCTO / Office of the Chief Technology Officer
    • OCTO - GIS / Office of the Chief Technology Officer - Geographic Information System
    • ORM / Office Of Risk Management
    • OUC / Office Of Unified Communications
    • ONS / Office of Neighborhood Services
    • SIOD / System Inspection & Oversight Division
    • TCO / Traffic Control Operations
    • TOA / Transportation Operations Administration
  • SERVICEORDERDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    Service order date
  • SERVICEORDERSTATUS / Office of Unified Communications
    Status of the service
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Open overdue
    • Closed overdue
  • SERVICECALLCOUNT / Office of Unified Communications
    Numbers of calls associated with the particular service request
  • AGENCYABBREVIATION  / Office of Unified Communications
    Abbreviation of the agency responsible
  • INSPECTIONFLAG / Office of Unified Communications
    A flag stating if the most recent activity for the service resuest is complete or not
  • INSPECTIONDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    The date the most recent activity is completed
  • RESOLUTION / Office of Unified Communications
    Description of resolution made upon the completion of the most recent activity
  • RESOLUTIONDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    Date the request was resolved
  • SERVICEDUEDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    Date due to close the service type. Most services have standard closure rates
  • SERVICENOTES / Office of Unified Communications
    Comments entered to further describe the service request
  • PARENTSERVICEREQUESTID / Office of Unified Communications
    Identifier for a service request who is a parent of this service
  • ADDDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    Date the request was entered in the system; this date may be different from the problem date
  • LASTMODIFIEDDATE / Office of Unified Communications
    Date service request was last updated
    Due to conversion to another system on 09/22/2009 the vast majority of historic data has the last modified date as 09/22/2009.
  • SITEADDRESS  / Office of Unified Communications
    Address where service is requested
  • LATITUDE  / CityDW
  • ZIPCODED  / CityDW
    Master Address Repository ID
    CityDW program address identifier
    CityDW Location Key
  • WARD  / CityDW
  • ANC  / CityDW
    Advisory Neighborhood Commission
  • SMD  / CityDW
    Single Member District
  • DISTRICT  / CityDW
  • PSA  / CityDW
    Police Service Area
    Neighborhood Cluster
  • HOTSPOT2006NAME  / CityDW
    Hotspot Name for 2006
  • HOTSPOT2005NAME  / CityDW
    Hotspot Name for 2005
  • HOTSPOT2004NAME  / CityDW
    Hotspot Name for 2004


FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata / FGDC-STD-001-1998 as of 07/25/2007

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Citywide Data Warehouse Program

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Washington DC, 20001, USA

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