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ITSA Program Managers-Time to Fill

by Optimal Solutions and Technologies (OST)

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Provides information about ITSA Program Managers' Time-to-fill for positions competed in the CBE community. The data is pulled on a monthly basis for all Resources selected within that month. This measures the time from the resume submission deadline to the date the Program Manager informs OST of their selection. OCP and OCTO developed the new ITSA structure after a six-month study of IT staff procurement in the District and other states. The study found the District’s process too costly and time consuming, and found 80 percent of vendors were dissatisfied based on lack of transparency, lack of opportunity, and slow payment. The study also found that at least 18 other states have solved similar problems through a new structure in which one or more prime contractors provide capped rates for IT staff positions and subcontract with other vendors to fill them. This best-practice structure formed the basis for the District's ITSA Request for Proposal (RFP). The new contract requires that 95 percent of the total spending go to District Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs). The new process also widens opportunity and transparency for all businesses by enabling all vendors to see all IT staff procurement opportunities--online and in real time--including, the winning bidder, the rates, and the program manager who selected the bidder.


This dataset has been published by the Citywide Data Warehouse program. The mission of the Citywide Data Warehouse is to provide timely and accurate information for decision-making; support executive and agency management in the implementation of business processes which will guarantee access to useful and well-organized information for DC Government workers, non-governmental organizations, and the public.

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ITSA Program Managers - Time to Fill 


  • Requirement ID 
    Unique Identifier assigned by Peopleclick to this job requirement
  • Job Title 
    Title of position as listed in Peopleclick
  • Engagement ID 
    Unique Identifier assigned to a Resource when selected for assignment
  • Vendor Name 
    Name of the vendor company that submitted the Resource for this position
  • Submission Deadline 
    Date by which all candidate submissions from vendors were due, 6:00pm
  • Candidate Selected Date 
    Date upon which ITSA Program Manager informed OST of Resource Selection
  • # Candidates Reviewed by Program Manager 
    Number of submitted candidates reviewed by Program Manager before selection
  • Weeks for Selection by Program Manager 
    Number of weeks elapsed for selection of candidate by Program Manager

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Citywide Data Warehouse Program

441 4th St NW, Suite 930 South
Washington DC, 20001, USA

fax: 202-727-5660
hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm