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Assessment Subneighborhoods (AsSubNbhdPly)

Assessment Subneighborhoods (AsSubNbhdPly)

by Office of Tax and Revenue on 03/15/2007

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This dataset contains polygons that represent the boundaries of assessment subneighborhoods as defined by the DC Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA). For analysis purposes, RPTA delineates assessment neighborhoods to group properties that are affected by similar economic, political, governmental, and environmental factors.

Assessment subneighborhoods are defined by the environment of a subject property that has a direct and immediate effect on its value. The assessment subneighborhood is a geographic area (in which there are typically fewer than several thousand properties) defined for some useful purpose, such as to ensure for later multiple regression modeling that the properties are homogeneous and share important locational characteristics.

Assessment neighborhoods boundaries typically follow street centerlines, hydrological boundaries, and boundaries of major properties such as parks and monuments. The current feature class was created by selecting coincident features from the DC GIS snapbase. These included road centerlines, stream centerlines, water boundaries, rail lines, and DC political boundaries. After a new feature class was created, any additional lines required for polygon closure were snapped to existing features using a tolerance of .001 meters.


This dataset is used by the DC Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) to facilitate analysis and statistical modeling on properties that are homogeneous and share important locational characteristics.

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in DC Office of Tax and Revenue, Real Property Tax Administration

phone: 202-442-6744

Data accuracy

Logical consistency
Adjusted sub neighborhood polygons by snapping to street centerlines and current sub neighborhood polygons. Polygons that were adjusted on 10/14/2005 were:
1. Sub Nbhds in Nbhd 40 - created new sub neighborhood and adjusted other sub neighborhoods within nbhd 40
2. Adjused western portion of sub nbhd 39 L.
3. Added Sub Nbhds 49a, 49b, and 49c.
4. Added Sub Nbhds, 32a, and 32b.

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