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Health Professional Licensing Fees

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This dataset provides the examination and annual license fees for each health professional license class in the District of Columbia. The Health Professional Licensing Administration (HPLA) is the division of the Department of Health responsible for consumer protection through the regulation of health care professionals. Each of the District’s boards and licensing programs was established by the District of Columbia governing body to ensure a minimal level of competence of licensees as a method of protecting the public. By providing staff, resources, and legal support to the District of Columbia Health Occupations Boards (Boards), HPLA provides an invaluable service that helps to protect the health, safety and welfare of District residents. The staff of HPLA effectively administers the licensing programs, provides information to the public and licensees, and provides administrative and staff support to the boards, as well as manages the day-to-day business of the boards. Additional information about Health Professional Licenses and Fees may be found on the HPLA website:|


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Health Professional Licensing Administration
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Health Professional Licensing Fees 


  • Profession 
    Refers to the health professional class.
  • Description of Services 
    The service provided by HPLA.
  • Fees 
    The fees associated with each HPLA service.

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